Recreation Program Registration

2022 Fall Recreation Registration period was between May 21, 2022 and Aug 3, 2022 and is now closed. Check back for more information about team formation, practice times, and the work bond program.

Eligible Players:

Players must be 4 years of age by September through those entering 8th grade in September.

Important Information:

  • The first games of the season will be played in September with the last games being played in November.
  • All games are scheduled for Saturdays.
  • There will be no makeup games for games canceled due to weather, field conditions or Covid-19.
  • Game schedules are not usually published until just before the start of the season and are dependent on the number of teams in a division.
  • Registration fees are nonrefundable.


  • We make sure that teams have a balanced number of players from each grade where applicable.
  • We make sure that teams have a balanced number of players of each gender where applicable.
  • We make sure no one team is comprised of all travel players.
  • We do not keep entire teams together from one year to the next

Many children often play on teams with no, or only one friend when they start the season. It is good for them. It encourages new connections and allows them to make new friends. When you sign children up for swim class, track, day camp, art class, dance class, music lessons, lacrosse, or basketball, they make new friends. We believe that BCSA has found a great balance. We believe we are helping them to make new connections and grow as confident individuals.

We hope this helps you understand our guidelines and process for team formations.